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Established in 1973 Sugar's Bike Shop has been peddling now for over 37 years. In its humble beginnings service and customer satisfaction were the root of the business and the foundation for success through generations. Damian Sugar is proud to carry on that tradition of quality service; combined with the friendly atmosphere we promise you'll leave with a smile. Stop in today to see what Sugar's Bike Shop has to offer you.


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A little bit of our History

In the 1970's and 1980's BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) Racing had become a major part of American culture. BMX race tracks were popping up every where across the country, as well as some right here in our back yard. During this "explosion" of BMX, Sugar's Bike Shop was not only establishing its business, but also very active in the BMX Racing scene. Custom built BMX bikes were one of the foundations of Sugar's Bike Shop in those early days, and as the interest in the sport grew, so did the size and scope of our store.

TEAM SUGAR'S BMX originally consisted of brothers Matthew Sugar and Damian "CHIP" Sugar. As the race scene became increasingly popular, more kids wanted to participate and take part in the action. Embracing the opportunity, Sugar's Bike Shop sponsored many local riders that developed into a core group of loyal and devoted patrons. Everyone who was lucky enough to take part in that time and be a witness to the history being paved will agree it was some of the best times ever.
Sugar's Bike Shop has never lost the passion for 80's BMX Racing and the nostalgia associated to that time. We will always be happy to buy any old BMX Racing and FREESTYLE bikes. We will give you CASH or trade!
Don't worry if the bike has been sitting or dirty—we will buy in ANY condition as is ... parts or complete.

Sugar's Bike Shop will buy your old
BMX Racing or FREESTYLE bike!

Here are some of the brands that we look for: Profile, HUTCH, Cook Bros., GT, Torker, Cycle Pro, P.K. Ripper, Takara, Kuwahara, SKYWAY, Redline, CW Racing, DG, Race Inc, Mongoose, HARO, and others ...

$$$ Any condition $$$ Cash paid $$$

Layaway available!