Some great reasons for you to buy a bike and start riding

  • A bicycle is very economic and can out last your car. Also, you can't pick up your car and walk up your stairs.
  • Bicycle riding is fun and healthy. With modern ergonomics there is no more typical discomfort that often hindered some riders. You can buy a comfortable bike today.
  • Bicycle riding can strengthen you physically and mentally.

Why you should buy your next bike from Sugar's Bike Shop & what separates us from the rest ...

  • Sugar's Bike Shop will always give you the best prices!
  • We have a huge test ride area.
    Sugar's Bike Shop allows you to test ride as many different bicycles you wish in a safe environment to ensure we find what's perfect for you.
  • We will educate you and make sure you are getting the best bike for you.
  • Sugar's will ensure you are buying the perfect size bicycle. Fitting is free!
  • The service and warrantee package on new bikes purchases is outstanding.
  • Our trade in "GROW with YOU" Program for children.
    This special program enables your child to always be riding a safe bike shop quality bicycle. As your child grows out of its current bike we will give you the best "trade in" value so you can apply that towards a new bike that is the proper size. You can feel secure knowing your child is riding a professionally assembled bicycle that fits properly all the time. We look forward to a long relationship with you and your family that can last generations.
  • Sugar's Bike Shop will give you the best service on ANY repair regardless if you bought the bike from us.
  • Our turnaround time on repairs is exceptionally fast and keeps you riding with minimal downtime.